A downloadable MW MMO

Medieval Warriors MMO is a Medieval Fantasy RPG.

In this game, the player can choose between 4 Classes:

Warriors, Archers, Druids and Sorcerers.

Tons os quests will tell more about the game, what you must fear and what needs to be done for you to reach the top.

Invite your friends, get your weapons ready and have fun!

Your start point is the Slotura Island, where you will learn your professions and skills!

• You will be able to craft: 

◘ Potions ◘ Equipments ◘ Mounts ◘ Companions ◘ Wings ◘

• Honor Shop - for those that like PVP Battles.

• Bosses drop Rare mounts and companions.

• Mobs can have different levels and skills.

• Party Hunt gives more exp than solo exp'ing.

• Day/Night Cycle! 

• Snow in cold places. 



This game is under development!

During this time, bugs will be seen everywhere! Be kind and report it please!

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